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What Our Clients Say

Enjoyed seeing the team share and support each other - we need to ensure we continue this support.

Sandra Deputy Head Teacher

People shared their FEELINGS. This will impact our relationships with staff, plus communication.

Ali Learning Support Assistant

We were able to share without being judged.

Sharon Learning Support Assistant

Thank you! Was a really good group. Feel more supported from people outside the classroom. Lots of listening and good suggestions, hopefully this will impact relationships and communication with staff and practical ideas.

Anonymous Learning Support Assistant

Helpful to share feelings and learn others feelings too, thinking about how to support one another. The session has impacted us to speak up more, be honest and support one another.

Karen Learning Support Assistant

I know now I am not alone in this job, so many people are here, like me.

Syeda Learning Support Assistant

Another session needed.

Lindsey Learning Support Assistant

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