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Within our Hidden Treasures training workshops, we use the art forms of play, drama, art, stories, games, music and meditation to offer opportunities for staff to connect in with themselves and others in potentially new and different ways. Our principle aims are always to support emotional wellbeing, build creative confidence and develop an individual's inner resources for coping with the challenges of their work and relating positively to others.

  • An Introduction to Dramatherapy - We introduce staff to the aims and therapeutic process of a Dramatherapy session and explore who and how to refer. We offer experiential exercises to support understanding.
  • Facing Feelings - A workshop which introduces staff and/or families to the game ‘Facing Feelings’. A playful resource created by Jessie, from Hidden Treasures, to support children and young people to express their feelings.
  • Wellbeing Matters - This workshop invites staff to creatively engage with the five main actions that ‘The New Economics Foundation’ cites as enhancing wellbeing and supporting mental health. These five actions are: to connect, to be active, to take notice, to keep learning and to give.
  • Overcoming Obstacles - Our ‘Overcoming Obstacles’ workshop will enable staff to engage their creativity and reflective skills to share, make sense of and move through their challenges of working with children, young people and their families.
  • Creative Confidence - In this workshop we explore, with staff, inner obstacles that can get in the way of being and feeling creative. The invitation is to reconnect with hidden resources to develop more creative confidence in their work life.
  • Meet the Team - Our ‘Meet the team’ training workshop is designed to explore dynamics, communication and listening within teams, through games and creative tasks. Individuals will be given space to be seen, heard and valued their colleagues.
  • Bereavement - This training workshop will introduce theory, discussion and creativity to encourage staff to be and feel resourced when supporting aspects of bereavement, grief and loss, prevalent within school life.

Please note that throughout our Hidden Treasures training workshops we hold an awareness of an individual's right to choose and to participate as much or as little as they feel able to. As trained therapists, we aim to respect and give space to the full range of abilities within the group and respond intuitively and sensitively to the needs of individuals as they arise. To honour this commitment, we recommend that the maximum size of any group is 20.

If you are interested in participating in a Hidden Treasures Training workshop at your school, please fill in the form on the CONTACT US page and one of us will be in touch shortly. Alternatively you can email us at

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What Our Clients Say

Enjoyed seeing the team share and support each other - we need to ensure we continue this support.

Sandra Deputy Head Teacher

People shared their FEELINGS. This will impact our relationships with staff, plus communication.

Ali Learning Support Assistant

We were able to share without being judged.

Sharon Learning Support Assistant

Thank you! Was a really good group. Feel more supported from people outside the classroom. Lots of listening and good suggestions, hopefully this will impact relationships and communication with staff and practical ideas.

Anonymous Learning Support Assistant

Helpful to share feelings and learn others feelings too, thinking about how to support one another. The session has impacted us to speak up more, be honest and support one another.

Karen Learning Support Assistant

I know now I am not alone in this job, so many people are here, like me.

Syeda Learning Support Assistant

Another session needed.

Lindsey Learning Support Assistant

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